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Meet Tommy Bush

By combining a passion for music and a “never stop learning” attitude, guitar teacher Tommy Bush provides a unique learning experience for his students. Going that extra mile for his students is not uncommon for Tommy. Click Here to learn more… 

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Welcome to A1A Guitar Studio

A1A Guitar Studio of Ponte Vedra is now open and is accepting new students interested in Jazz, Classical, Rock (classic-modern), Blues and various idioms. We teach Guitar lessons to students in Ponte Vedra Beach, Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Mayport and St. Augustine, Florida. Click Here to learn more…

Online Guitar Lessons for Blues Guitar Players

Over 45 Years Playing Experience

I have over 45 years playing experience and love to teach guitar! I make learning the guitar easy and fun – the only thing you need is a guitar and some time every day to practice. – Click Here to learn more… We offer Guitar Lessons Jacksonville, Guitar Lessons Ponte Vedra Beach and all surrounding areas.

Private Guitar Lessons – By Tommy Bush

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Meet Tommy Bush

I began teaching music in 1976 and performing in various club bands since 1974. I studied classical, jazz and blues guitar as a teenager and played in local club bands and hung out with Lynyrd Skynyrd lead guitarist Allan Collins and Pianist Billy Powell just before the band hit i big in the early 70’s.

Private Guitar Lessons

My lessons utilize studies on standard jazz and pop tunes, major and minor blues, chord tones, chromatic and scale approaches, sequences, intervals, permutations, upper structure triads, and chord substitution. These approaches are applied to what ever style of music the student wishes to endeavor. I teach at all levels and all ages for those interested in studying music.

Please learn and enjoy!


Charlie Banacos

“To whom it may concern, I have been teaching Tommy Bush since 2004. He has studied guitar voicing and jazz improvisation with me by mail correspondence using cassette tapes and written materials. I have seen that Tommy is a very talented and dedicated musician who always does a fantastic job with whatever comes his way. He would be an asset to any institution of learning. ”

Charlie Banacos / Manchester, MA /