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The “BLUES ABSTRACTIONS FOR GUITAR” written and composed by Tommy Bush is the beginning of an extensive series of online lessons that includes video and tabs to original blues compositions based on a thematic concept. This course begins with the blues evolving from the mid to late 50’s to mid to late 60’s. All the material comes from guitar, keyboard, bass, horns, harmonica, drums and vocals in order impart a complete and thorough understanding of this idiom. In future courses I will introduce more modern approaches used in jazz. By using the 12 bar blues format, I introduce a basic riff as a theme to build a highly melodic solo. I begin with a I7 IV7 V7 progression using the concepts, a dominant 7 arpeggio, a pentatonic 7arpeggio, a pentatonic minor and hexatonic minor scale.

Next I employ a basic blues vamp followed by a simple riff i.e. motif for the first half then expand the riff for a solo. The main point is to play through the changes. For example on E7, use E7 arpeggio, E pentatonic minor E hexatonic minor, on A7, A7arpeggio, A pentatonic minor, A hexatonic minor, and B7, B7 arpeggio, B pentatonic minor and B hexatonic minor. Also the material are original compositions of mine that encourages the student to find a personal voice as opposed to copying other artists solos. There are 5 Projects, 1-4 are original tunes, 5 is a complilation of phrases to use as motifs for composing and soloing to enhance and develop mores solos. I encourage use of all material but by permission only. I retain all rights as the original composer of all material.

Blues Online Guitar Lessons

Online Guitar Lessons by Tommy Bush


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